Sára Kele


The Wally bedside cabinet is an experiment - in the spirit of eco-consciousness - to produce exciting and quality furniture from leftover wood.

I have collected remainders (walnut, cherry, pine, acacia, oak, beech, ash, maple, amaranth, bamboo) from carpenters and lumberyards. These leftover pieces greatly varied in shapes and level of procession, and this spectacular mixture inspired the further phases of design.

This harmonizing patchwork texture gives the furniture its charm and character, especially the naturally purple amaranth wood. This patchwork is not only spectacular, but also unique for each new Wally nightstand. As the colors and textures were primary concern of the design, the final piece is only handled with natural oils for color preservation.

To counterbalance the strong textural characteristic, I looked for a very simple, but yet exciting form - hence the two-leg structure leaning to the wall.

Dimensions: 51 x 63 x 28 cm

Want to own one? Get in touch with us. The furnitures are ready to make for order.

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wally 1. picture
wally 2. picture
wally 3. picture
wally 4. picture
photos by: Zsombor Kozma

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