Sára Kele


Hangover is a customizable coat rack, created from recycled wood.

Working with this type of material requires a non-traditional design approach. I have collected many type of wood remainders (walnut, cherry, pine, acacia, oak, beech, ash) from carpenters and lumberyards. These leftover pieces greatly varied in shapes and level of procession, and this spectacular mixture inspired the further phases of design.

You can build your own coat hanger that best suits your needs and playfully assembly with countless combinations.

The building blocks not only tempt to play, but also carry practical benefits: the height, form, or the layout of the spikes can be customized according to the user's needs. And with this interaction, the furniture goes beyond unique - it becomes personal.

You can buy it at The Garden Studio webshop.

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hangover 1. picture
hangover 2. picture
hangover 3. picture
hangover 4. picture
photos by: Zsombor Kozma

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