Sára Kele

BRUNO desk

This table is part of the BRUNO collection. Our aim was to create furniture based on age-long traditions, yet making it feel right in place within contemporary interiors.

Exceptional build quality and exquisite wood materials were a must, as we wanted these beautiful items to live for generations to come. Sustainability, cradle-to-cradle design approach were held up all throughout the design and production phases. Some parts of the collection were done using recycled wood. Giving birth to the collection has intertwined traditional carpentry craft and contemporary, limited editition production techniques - executed in singular quality by the carpenters Levi Kruppa and Gyuri Zombory.

Every piece is flatpack, easily assembled at home, yet very sturdy. The legs of the table are fastened by pegs.

Dimensions: 110 x 75 x 52 cm

Want to own one? Get in touch with us. The furnitures are ready to make for order.

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bruno desk 1. picture
bruno desk 2. picture
bruno desk 2. picture
bruno desk 3. picture
bruno desk 4. picture
bruno desk 5. picture
bruno desk 6. picture
bruno desk 11. picture
bruno desk 2. picture
bruno desk 12. picture
photos by: Sára Kele

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