Sára Kele


BICO - my thesis work - is the first comprehensive urban bike-sharing system developed for Budapest. It won several awards, and captured the interest of design professionals and city officials alike.

This modular system can be adapted gradually to different urban terrains. Interactions - from user interfaces to bike docking - were designed in a simple, unambiguous, and easily accessible way.

Sustainability and feasibility were dominant factors all through the design process - from low-tech production solutions to the special security approach for the region's communal characteristics.

BICO's unique looks and special accessories were designed with a vision of a major communal brand interwoven into more than one layer of urban life.

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bico 1. picture
BICO's underlying concept is community. There are lots of visual symbols for community, and even more for biking - but the bike chain motif represents both in one. The name BICO is an acronym for biking and community.
bico 2. picture
BICO's unique look can become the symbol of the city.
bico 3. picture
Comfort and safety issues are the primary focus, both for the users and the system itself.
bico 4. picture
The aesthetic approach of the bicycle is to create a truly unisex, cross-cultural design that would appeal to everyone.
bico 5. picture
The docking station can be adapted to different urban terrains. Serial layout on wide pavement and in parking areas. Opposed bike layout for better space utilization, in large open spaces - parks or canal shores. Adaptable to complex spaces, by its rotatable units. BICO defies nearly any physical limitation of urban landscapes.
bico 6. picture
Just like the objects, the operational scheme was also designed for maximum accessibility. Its core technology is the mobile phone system, which today is available to anyone, anywhere. By using the cellular networks and mobile phones as the main communication devices, there is no need to produce and distribute expensive additional devices (membership cards, dock opening cards), or to operate rental offices.
bico 7. picture
To emphasize the communal experience, comfort features (bench, well, wheel-pump, trash bin, etc) can also be added, so stations become a more social space.
bico 8. picture
The logo can be effectively used in designing brand-image centered merchandise...
bico 8. picture
...or as a public transport sign, seamlessly adaptable into the current signage system.
bico 8. picture
The BICO vision in Budapest.

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